For Many, January Is The Hardest Month of The Year…


When everyone is setting new goals, laying down new ground rules and striving to become a better version of themselves, some of us are fighting to survive each day…

You see, December is a month of giving, and some of us come January, are completely and utterly spent.

A month of remembering everyone, and remembering absolutely everything. 


A month of including everyone and of reaching out to each and every person we have ever known.

A month of reaching breaking point every day trying to have fun, to be the ultimate hostess, to be the perfect guest.

A month of stretching ourselves financially, emotionally and of letting our boundaries be breached by many… in the spirit of the season.

And then January hits and bam… before we can even begin the arduous task of clearing away the festivities, we are expected to jump on the ‘new year, new you’ bandwagon and transform ourselves entirely.

For some of us this is just too much.

January is the darkest and most depressing month of the year and for many sensitive souls, the barrage of ‘advice’ on how we ‘should’ be living, is just too much.

So perhaps this is a safe place to say that maybe it’s okay to take a week or two to recover and to just be kind to ourselves before we start demanding that we be better.

And for those of us who really do fall low in the darkest month of the year. For those of us who have given too much and to whom the future looks bleak – perhaps this is the right place to say that you are absolutely fine the way you are.

Take some time to breathe.

Take some time to not think about anything much at all except breathing in and breathing out.

Take some time to build back up, not tear your yourself down.

For many, this month is a mountain that looks unclimbable.

Be kind, my friends. Always 



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