New year 2020

This Year I Survived, Next Year I Shall Live


This year, the best that I can say, is that I made it through. 

I stayed hopeful, I mended my broken pieces each time they shattered.

I took deep breaths, pushed my shoulders back and faced my worries head on.

I spent a lot of time reeling from the punches life threw at me… but I always came back fighting.


This year I survived, next year, I shall live.

I shall make plans for me. 

I shall tick items from my bucket list and allocate time to just ‘be’.

I shall stop to smell the roses and breathe in the joys that come for free.

Next year, I shall set goals and see them through, if I want to.

If not, I shall do something else.

And that will be perfectly okay.

Because something I learned in the last 12 months is that we all get our share of ups and downs on this rollercoaster.

And none of us can ever know when the highs and lows are due.

So we must live.

Right here, right now.

So raise a glass to your survival my friend, it’s time for you to live too.

Let’s live 2020 together.

Donna Ashworth



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