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To My No-Fuss Friend…


To My No Fuss Friend

Thank you for understanding that life is faster than I am…

That, in my mind’s eye, we would hang out so much more often.

Thank you, for not passive-aggressively berating me, each time I fail to return a text or answer a call…and for always allowing me to just dive in and pick up where we left off, with a hug, a laugh and some no-fuss friendship.

Thank you for understanding that I am barely balancing on this tightrope of ‘adulthood’ and when I wobble, thank you for always catching me – or at least laughing at me whilst I am on the floor – that helps too.

It’s because of you that our bond will never be broken. 


Instead of worrying if I have offended you whilst drowning under a pile of life’s admin, I can send my good thoughts out into the ether and know, that you know, I got your back.

And when we do make it into each other’s worlds, it is so very much worth the wait.

Thank you my no fuss friend. From the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.



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