Don’t Let Them Make You Ugly…


No matter how much someone stamps all over your heart, your loyalty, your kind nature. 

Never, ever let them make you ugly.


For beauty comes from within my friend and nothing, nothing, turns a soul more sour than bitterness, hate and regret.

Let them throw whatever they want at you, if they must, then retreat. 

Step away.

Learn a lesson.

Don’t go back for more, your time is far too precious for that.

Instead, use your time to heal, to process the pain, to move on. 

A little stronger, somewhat more guarded – but never bitter.

Your beauty will shine on and attract like-minded souls into your orbit and the more you rally against the hate and the bitterness, the less those people will come into your life.

You are a mirror that they cannot bear to look into, you see.

A beautiful soul. Flawed, as are we all. But beautiful still.

Don’t let them make you ugly my friend. The world is ugly enough.



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