I will sit with you in the dark

When Someone Is Broken…


When someone is broken, don’t try to fix them (you can’t). Show them instead, how the cracks in their armour let the light shine through. That’s how it gets in.

When someone is grieving, don’t attempt to fill the hole in their heart (you can’t). Instead, remind them why the love they had for that person must live on within them. It is infinite.

When someone is hurting, don’t try to heal their pain (you can’t). Remind them instead, how laughter, love and sunshine mend the spirit. The medicine we need is inside us already, dig for it.

When someone is too sad for this busy, crazy life. Don’t try to turn their sadness around (you can’t). Just show up, sit with them and let them know they are accepted no matter what (you can).

Sometimes, that is all we need.

Donna Ashworth




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