Maybe They’re Not Being Rude


Maybe they’re not being selfish.

Maybe they’re struggling to cope.

Perhaps, the reason they didn’t show up, was not because you’re not important enough, but because they felt they were not important enough.

Perhaps the reason they didn’t reply, is because they are way too deep, in the depths of a suffocating depression that they cannot bring themselves to talk about.

Perhaps the reason they don’t get involved, is because their anxiety is squeezing the life out of them and it is all they can do to get through the days.

Perhaps, when they do show up and they do reply and they do get involved, it is because they managed, for that one moment, to muster up the superhuman strength it takes to win out against their demons.


It is all very well to say that mental health matters but if we are going to shame, shun or reject those who don’t behave the way we want them to, without questioning whether or not they are alright, then we are part of the problem.

So, the next time they don’t show up.

Reach out.

Be supportive.

It may be the life-line they so desperately need.

Donna Ashworth

June 2019

Ladies Pass It On



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