If I Let You Down Today…


I’m sorry.

If I said the wrong thing, or said nothing at all when I should have said something meaningful…

I’m sorry.

If I failed to make you smile or turned up late or didn’t show up at all…

I’m sorry.

If I didn’t reply to your message or chose the wrong words when I did…

I’m sorry.


I am spinning plates, my friend. I am running on a treadmill that’s moving too fast.

I am spinning plates all day every day.

And I am dropping plates. Lots of plates.

But you should know, my heart is always where it should be.

If I could slow down the treadmill and lay down some plates, I would be there beside you, answering straight away, speaking the words you need to hear, showing up every time and always, always making you smile.

And I live in hope, that one day, I will get my plates spinning far more smoothly and learn how to turn down the speed on this machine we call life.

But it’s not yet.

Wait for me.

You won’t regret it.

Donna Ashworth

LPIO 2019



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