In This Life, Every Woman Needs A Few Important Things…

1. A good bra, preferably one for simply feeling beautiful in and one that makes you feel ready to take on the world. They are rarely the same thing, unfortunately.
2. A loyal girl friend. A like-minded soul who sees your worth when you have lost sight of it. Nothing else is particularly required of her, other than that. It will see you through your darkest times. Anything else is a bonus.
3. An older person’s perspective. Seek out your elders, for they have lived and boy have they learned. Listen hard and listen between the small talk and the forgetfulness – much wisdom is there.
4. A book to guide you. Something you have read in this life has inspired you. It did so for a reason, keep it close by and consult it during tough and especially busy times. It will reset you on the right path and help you stay true to your heart.
5. A decent black dress. Spend as much as you need to or can, and trust me when I say it will not be money wasted. Choose classic, choose tailored, choose a style that will perpetually rise above the trends. If it makes you feel bold, beautiful and fits you like a glove, you got it right. If you eventually grow out of it, don’t slim down to fit it – pass it on to a girl who needs it and get yourself another. You are worth it my dear.
6. A go-to song. One for bringing out the blues when they are lurking within, better out than in, as they say. One for making you feel total joy, freedom and the need to dance like no-one is watching. And finally, one that fills you with hope and reminds you whose daughter you are.
7. A handful of recipes. No matter what your weight, or your self-esteem are doing, your body needs to be fed and it needs to be fed well. Never forget, it has done nothing wrong and has weathered a lot. Be kind to it above all else and learn to fill it with the right things. It will improve your thoughts, your feelings, your skin, your sleep and pretty much all of you.
8. A story. Your story is something to be proud of, to celebrate and most importantly, to tell. It is not to be hidden, it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is your story and it will inspire others. It will help someone in need one day and that’s something you can give back to the world. Tell it. Own it. Inspire.
9. A new skill. Learn something new whenever you can. Fix your car, a plug, build a shelf – anything manual and practical that you don’t already know how to do, is something your soul will enjoy and your independence will thrive on. Trust me.
10. A sense of humour. This life will bring you to your knees and much like the scene in ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’, sometimes, only laughter will help you get back up. Laugh often, laugh loudly, laugh with others. No matter how deep the mud in which you are stuck, let the laughter find you. Laughing at yourself in particular, is worth more than any therapy session that money can buy.
We are all wonderfully flawed, we are all occasionally ridiculous and none of us are perfect. It’s truly freeing…
Ladies, Pass It On.

In this life every woman needs a few important things/ Audrey Hepburn/ breakfast at Tiffany’s/ every woman needs/ every woman should knowDonna Ashworth © Ladies Pass It On 




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