I Lied And Said I Was Busy…


And I was busy… but busy in a way only a few would perhaps understand.

I was busy being kind to myself when the day had hit me harder than expected.

I was busy being quiet when the world around me had become too much, too much noise and bustle to bear.

I was busy being peaceful, an antidote to the battles that rage around me.

I was busy just being…

Collecting myself, my thoughts, my courage…

Preparing to face another day, stronger, more self-assured.

Busy mending the little cracks that have appeared in my heart over the years.

The loves lost, the days missed, the people who left and never returned.

I was busy building my self-esteem, to survive in a world that prays on insecurities and faults.

So yes, I was busy.

And it’s not something I need to apologise for.

And neither should you.

Donna Ashworth




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