Don’t Let Thoughts Of Monday Steal Your Sunday

Don’t Let Thoughts Of Monday Steal Your Sunday
Don’t let worries for tomorrow, steal today.
Worrying is a waste of a good imagination.
What happens will happen anyway.
You see my friend, if we could forget what has gone before and go forth without fear of failure, without memories of rejection and without care for the outcome.
Every day would feel like a Friday.
If we could drop the weight of what’s gone before, let it go and walk tall without burden.
Every day would feel new and inviting.
If we could find comfort in ourselves and our abilities, and keep faith and hope at the front of our minds – Monday would not bring such terror. Nothing would bring such terror.
It’s not your job, your commute, your money troubles, your relationships that are the problem here. 
It is how you decide to let them affect you.
They are small change on the scale of life and they are stealing your joy.
So don’t let them.
You are enough.
You are.
And that, my friend, is that.

Don’t Let Thoughts Of Monday Steal Your Sunday



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