Inside Your Heart Is A Magnet….

This Is Your Sunday Evening Reminder…
That people can be cruel and selfish sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Don’t sink to their level, keep rising in this life, you’re aiming much higher than they are. Don’t look down.
That life is a rollercoaster for everyone, not just you. Some chapters are hard, some are wonderful. It all goes around and we all get our share. Sit tight, hold on, this too shall pass.
That everything you need to get through this week is inside you. It’s already there and you are already capable. You just need to believe that.
That inside your heart is a magnet, it attracts people into your life who will be good for your soul. Likewise, it repels those who won’t. Trust it.
Let it.

Inside your heart is a magnetDonna Ashworth




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