One Day She Woke Up Different…


One day she woke up different.

She woke up with a purpose that didn’t depend on pleasing other people.

She woke up with a burning desire to strip back her life of anything that didn’t bring her joy.

She was done with comparison.

She was over perfection.

She realised that anything which cost her her peace, was just too expensive.

She knew, suddenly, that fair-weather friends, were far too common. That only a few had her in their heart.

And that was plenty.

She woke up that way, and her life changed forever.

The day she realised, that putting the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket, is like throwing yourself in jail.

Life is far too short not to wake up this way too.

So wake up, my friend.

It’s a new day.


One day she woke up different Donna Ashworth

© LPIO 2017




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