To The Mum Who Just Survived Today….


When you’ve shouted at the kids and tears have been shed.

When you’ve stumbled through homework and a dinner that was both beige and bland.

When you’ve forgotten the games kit and the project is late.

When you feel that you are failing consistently and dropping more plates than you can spin.

When everyone else seems to be doing a much better job than you and the guilt feels so real…


Take a moment, my friend, and remember that you are also someone’s child. 

That just because you’re an adult – doesn’t mean you have all the answers.

That we are all just doing our best, every day.

That none of us are perfect – we are all walking a tightrope on which we wobble and weave our way to the other side.

That we shouldn’t judge ourselves so harshly, nor judge others trying to do the same because, let’s face it, we are all in this together, without a map, or an app to make it work.


Take a moment and imagine what it would feel like to place no expectations on yourself, for just a short while.

To be content.

To be at peace.


To be sure that everything will be okay, no matter what details you miss or letters you fail to respond to.

That life is so much more than ticking boxes.

That cuddles mean more, much more, than properly-packed school bags or the best model castle.

That, most importantly, you got this.

You’re doing just fine.

And tomorrow is a new day to do even finer….

To the mum who just survived today/ parenthood/ mum guilt/ parenting is hardDonna Ashworth



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