What Does ‘Suicidal’ Look Like?



It looks like this….like the decade’s most successful supermodel.
It looks like Kate Spade, like Robin Williams, like Anthony Bourdain.
It looks like me, like you, the woman next door, the man on the train.
‘Suicidal’ has no face, no pattern and often no warning.
Since the beautiful, successful Giselle Bunchden, has opened up to share her mental health issues and suicidal thoughts with the world, it seems like a good opportunity to reinforce, that anyone, ANYONE, can be affected at any time.
High-functioning anxiety can look like success – like ‘having it all’. Yet the pressure of perfection can be darkly suffocating.
Depression can be masked and secreted away in the dark of the night, yet the feelings can overwhelm to the point of no return, if left unchecked.
My friends, the treadmill of life moves so quickly, and at such a pace, that we can often ignore the cracks in our structures, the troubles of a friend, the cries for help all around us.
But we must try not to.
The thing about darkness is, it can be defeated by switching on the light – yet the light cannot be defeated by switching on the darkness.
We are all in this together, shine a light on your own issues and keep an eye out for the signs of those you love.
Talking, seeing, listening, sharing – helps.
Hopefully, you may never need realise, just how much.

Giselle Bunchden opens up about suicidal thoughts#suicideawareness




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