This Letter Is To You…

This Letter Is To You.  
The you who has had, just about enough.
The you who feels like everything is hopeless.
The you who feels she has lost her way, her faith.
The you who feels the happy times in life are for others, not you.
The you who believes nothing good will come.
The you who is weary of just putting one foot in front of the other.
The you who is struggling to see the silver linings around the clouds.
The you who feels abandoned, lonely, lost.
To you.
To all of you.
You are unique in this world.
A miracle of nature.
You are incredible, have you forgotten?
You have so much more to give and so much more ahead to look forward to.
And more importantly, you have time, it is never too late.
You make this world better just by being in it, with your kind heart, your infectious smile and your dreams of a better world.
Better things are coming your way my friend.
They are.
One day at a time, never lose hope. Hope is your anchor, it will keep you safe when the storm rages around you.
Hang on in there.
You can.



Written By Donna Ashworth

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