These Are The Moments That Matter, My Friends…

When you have a list to complete as long as your arm but you call your Mum or Dad, simply because you know the sound of your voice brings them untold joy….
These are the moments that matter, my friend.
They won’t always be there to answer.
When you really should have left the house ten minutes ago but your toddler needed one more hug, one more story or your dog, one more tug of his toy, to last him for the day….
These are the moments that matter, my friend.
Being late will not break anyone’s heart.
When you need some time to yourself, then a friend in need calls and you know it will take a while to calm her down but, of course, you answer the phone…
These are the moments that matter, my friend.
Your kindness will Come back to you and live on and on.
When the money is tight but someone is more in need than you, so you give whatever you have, despite the worry it will bring…
These are the moments that matter, my friend.
Money given to a very good cause is money well spent.
When you have work to do, bills to pay and places to be but you take a walk with a loved one instead, just to be in nature and enjoy the life evolving around you, talking, breathing it all in…
These are the moments that matter, my friend.
Time spent in nature, with a friend or a love is never wasted.
You see, life is a journey made of billions of moments and how you choose to spend those moments, is entirely your decision. Yes it feels great to tick off the list, to get everything done – but when you turn down the opportunity to spend a moment like one of those above, you never know when that decision will become a regret.
And life is way too short for regrets.
A wise man once said, although I am sure it was a woman…. drink the champagne, use the precious china, leave nothing for best, for tomorrow is promised to no one and today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.
Open it. Every day.

These are the moments that matter my friendWords: Donna Ashworth


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