To My Second Child…

To My Second Child…
There are nowhere near as many photographs of your first few years, I know.
You wear hand-me-downs, play with second hand toys and your ‘firsts’ are not quite as celebrated as perhaps they should be.
But, if you ever, ever feel that you are second best, let me tell you how my heart expanded the minute I laid eyes on you. Expanded beyond explanation.
How my fears of not being able to love another, the way I love your brother, were instantly disbanded as the feelings overwhelmed me and I knew there was more than enough love for you both. More than enough to light the world in fact.
How watching you both together, seeing the bond you have, makes my soul soar higher than I ever knew possible. My children. My heart. My world. My life.
Then there are the ways in which you have made me grow. The things you have shown me that I didn’t learn the first time around.
How worry doesn’t always equate to safety.
How love does not have to be suffocating.
I let you wander further, I let you discover more, I gave you a touch more freedom and your little light shines brighter for that, I can see now.
So, my second child.
I was happy before you came, sure.
But you brought the last piece of the jigsaw which I didn’t even know was missing.
I love you.

To My Second Child

Donna Ashworth




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