I Go There Too…

When all goes dark and the spiral engulfs you.
When connections are lost and loneliness possesses you.
When the faith leaves you and helplessness thrives from you.
When strength becomes weak and nothing nourishes you.
When love becomes untrue and abandonment becomes a part of you.
When all hope of change is gone and acceptance of this devours you.
When the moment seems long and never ending and the only way to switch it off is the loss of you….. I’ve been there, I go there too.
You are not alone.
I’m lucky; I have a child, when I lose hope, I don’t lose my responsibility of him and my love for him. I don’t want him to pick up the vibe that he’s the only thing I live for. But the truth is he is, in these moments, what keeps me alive.
There’s such a stigma around mental health that I’m sure people reading this will be totally ‘put off’ me.
Scared of what to say to me.
Fearful of my ability to work, give and love.
Trust me I can do all those things and more.
I won’t dramatise everything, I won’t suck the energy and life out of you.
Because guess what I get up, I speak, I love, I carry on, I learn.
I have passion and love in abundance but my empathy and ability to pick up on energy tires me. So at times I can be in this hole, I won’t suck you in, but I could probably do with your company or even just someone to do the tiny task I’m worried I haven’t done that day.
Either way I’m here for you too. We can all end up here. Don’t judge.
Never judge.
Georgie Travis

National Suicide Prevention Day

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