Big Brother, Now It’s Time For Your Apology…

Big Brother, Now It’s Time For Your Apology…
Let’s have it. You are already long overdue if you ask me.
I want to see you do the right thing now…
1: Play the footage to the house, to put Ryan out of his distress once and for all.
2: Remove the formal warning placed upon him, which should never have been issued in the first place.
3: Apologise publicly and personally to Ryan, for allowing this situation to occur in the first place.
Big Brother you are playing a dangerous game.
You are playing with lives.
And yes, we know that is entirely the point of your show – but this time it went too far.
It was clear to you and to the nation that Roxanne would take this all the way. At that point, you should have played the footage of the ‘incident’ to the entire house and squashed this before it got out of hand.
And Roxanne should have been removed.
In a time where everyone is being held accountable for their actions, the networks must also follow suit, right??
Whether it is malice or mental health, whether the behaviour is intentional or born of illness, it should not be exploited for ratings.
So, Big Brother, you are already way too late but let’s see the right thing done here please.
It’s Time.

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