Ageing Isn’t About Lost Youth…

Ageing isn’t about lost youth
It’s about finding…
Who your true friends really are.
The difference between shiny and worthy.
The confidence to be yourself in any room.
The time to dedicate to the things that bring you joy.
The wisdom to say no to the things that don’t.
The freedom to choose your own path in life.
The courage to be happy in your own skin.
The knowledge that very little really truly matters in the end.
Ageing isn’t about lost youth, my friends, no… it is not.
I haven’t lost a thing, in fact.
Except perhaps, my ability to give a crap about the things that won’t matter when I’m gone.
And remember, not everyone gets the chance to grow older.
It is a privilege denied to many.

Donna Ashworth


Ageing is not about lost youth/ Maye Musk



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