Roxanne, I Don’t Accept Your Apology…

And this is why.
You see, I can’t stop thinking about how this scenario could have played out, had the cameras missed the ‘incident’.
I have no doubt whatsoever that you would have successfully convinced everyone that, for no reason, Ryan approached you and punched you 5 times in the ribs, with malice, with intent to hurt you.
He has never liked you, you said.
He wanted to make you feel pain, you said.
You were terrified, scared, you wanted him out, you raged.
You couldn’t bear to sleep in the same room as this woman beater.
This aggressive man.
How could he still be allowed to be here, you cried.
I cannot believe Big Brother is letting him stay, you wept.
You’ve never ever been hit like that in our whole life, you shook. 
The world however watched, as you play-boxed with Ben… as you hit him a few times in the chest, just for fun. Pretty much every day.
How, when Ryan did approach you, it was a perfectly affectionate, entirely acceptable, playful interlude between 2 people stuck in a house together, surrounded by others at the time, in the middle of a busy room.
How you saw an opportunity to turn something innocent into a massive storyline that may just win you the entire show, if the public believed you.
You played it wrong.
Now, this is a page supporting women and whilst it may seem cold of me to refuse your apology…we all make mistakes right? It’s the other women in this situation I am thinking about.
Ryan’s mum.
Ryan’s daughter.
Ryan’s girlfriend.
How they had to stand by helplessly and watch you try to ruin a good man.
If you had had your way and he had been removed from the house – for violence towards a woman – he would never have worked again.
His partner may have left him.
His daughter may have lost her respect for her Dad.
He may have crumbled entirely.
So no, I don’t accept your apology Roxanne because in the light of all the recent male suicides, in memory of all the nice guys we have lost to depression, anxiety, desperation, I just can’t.


Words: Donna Ashworth


©LPIO 2018

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