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If you have been watching Celebrity Big Brother you will be well aware of the current situation between Ryan and Roxanne. In fact, even if you are not watching, I am sure you have heard about it all.

In short, Roxy has used her acting skills to try and tarnish the reputation, no, RUIN the career of a perfectly lovely guy. And I know them both, so this is coming from the heart.
If it hadn’t been for the camera footage, I have no doubt that she would have succeeded – and a life would be in literal tatters because of a poisonous personality seeking revenge for a past misdemeanour that only exists because she was previously, similarly poisonous.
But whatever you do, please do not confuse her behaviour with mental health issues, for this girl has the ability to bring anyone down who gets in her path. Calculated, cold, clinical. She does not need professional help, she needs to be shone a light on and never allowed to do this again for she has done it already, too many times.
It is upsetting for those who do suffer with mental health issues, to be placed in the same boat as someone hell bent on climbing a ladder regardless of who she steps on along the way.
In the light of the current ‘me too’ movement, this also serves as a timely reminder that not all women who accuse are coming from a place of victimisation. Everyone should be listened to, yes of course. Given a chance to prove her story, absofrickinlutely. But it must be reviewed and everyone, everyone, must be innocent until proven guilty, there is just so much at stake.
Thank goodness then, for Ryan, that the cameras caught everything or he would have become another victim of false accusation. In his own words, she was hell bent on finishing him. Finishing. No half measures. Total annihilation.
The problem is, how do we spot this in real life when there is no camera footage to review? It is not easy but Sally was spot on when she pointed out that Roxanne did not confide in any of the women there, which in itself is strange, as women generally come together over matters like this. Instead she tried very hard and succeeded, to turn the men against her accused, using her size and vulnerability to bring out their natural protective elements.
It is old school. Standard. Classic.
She cried, she shook, she claimed to be afraid for her life. She really went for it.
But she didn’t get away with it and instead of running Ryan, she has ruined herself.
And she won’t get away with this again, much to the relief of those she has done this to in the past.
So, a lesson for us all exists here. A reality show that is meant to be fun and light hearted has actually brought something important to our doorsteps, a reminder.
A cautionary tale.
Roxanne and Ryan celebrity big brother
Image: Channel 5

words: Donna Ashworth




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