When I Am Older…


When I am older, I will be louder
And tell people just what I think.
I will wear what I like and none of it will match
I will live life right to the brink.

When I am older, I will love every moment
And forget all the nonsense of life.
I’ll go straight for the real stuff and bypass the rest
I will live without gossip and strife.

When I am older, I will look in my mirror
And like what I see, every day.
I will sit watching sunsets and notice the flowers
And do what I please in my way.

When I am older, I will tell all my stories
And pass down the lessons I’ve learned.
I will travel as much as my body allows
And enjoy all the money I’ve earned.

When I am older, I won’t spend my time
Wondering who said what about when.
I won’t care who likes me, or who has what
I will need only one or two friends.

When I am older, things will be simple
I’ll go with my heart every day.
I won’t ignore children who point out a bug
I’ll sit down on the ground and I’ll play.

When I am older, I will be proud
Of the things I’ve done in my time
Of the people I’ve loved, the mistakes that I made
The way that things worked out just fine.

So what about now, perhaps I should practice
In case it’s not easy at all…
I’ll start dropping worries and cares and the stress
And think about having a ball.

I’ll start with my breakfast, it should be delicious
I’ll taste every drop that goes in.
I won’t worry about the size of my thighs
Not today, for today I begin….



When I Am Older

By Donna Ashworth




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