You Started With A Blank Canvas

You Started With A Blank Canvas
Beautiful, unspoiled – that much is true.
Then life began to mould you, shape you, draw its art upon your skin. Stretch marks, freckles, sun-spots, wrinkles, laughter lines and frown lines…
And every time something new appeared upon you, you mourned the loss of the smooth, unspoiled and innocent.
What you failed to recognise is the beauty of your journey, the true strength of your fight, is now etched upon you for eternity.
You are a work of art.
A work of learning.
A walking story.
A beautiful, broken warrior.
Your body, and you, have been changing since the day you were born and will do so until the day you die.
Don’t fight it.
It was always meant to be so.
If you must change something, change the way you see it my friend.
Change the way you see it.
There is much beauty you are missing.

You started as a blank canvas

Donna Ashworth





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