This much is true…they are literally picture perfect. And I say that for a reason because it is a ‘picture’ and contrary to the show’s genre, it’s not necessarily their ‘reality’.
For the sake of our impressionable younger generation, watching with envy and self-doubt at home – let us look at this with open eyes:
Is there a reason why we never see the girls, or boys even, sit down to eat meals together – as we do in pretty much every other reality show on television.
Is it because each and every one of them is highly likely to be on a diet plan, tailored to them, in order that they can parade in their swimwear every day feeling amazing and at their best.
We can therefore assume for argument’s sake, that this diet plan was embarked upon prior to the show and the upkeep of it is so important to the image, that the producers allow it to be a sacred part of their routine.
A little birdie enlightened me to this fact, although the show prefer to explain that meal times are when ‘batteries are changed in microphones’….which sounds more plausible to you?
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love watching beautiful young people in all their splendour and I am not in any way criticising those girls for their choices or their looks.
I would never do such a thing.
I am simply giving some ‘food for thought’, excuse the pun, to those teenagers, who may be feeling inferior and at a loss as to why they don’t look like that.
We can all change our shape if we want/need/decide to, but it is far more effective long-term, to work on owning your natural shape and all of your ‘flaws’ or ‘quirks’ and realising that they are not imperfections, they are just a part of you.
And you are beautiful.
And the right person/people will think exactly that when they see them.
Looks fade girls, shape trends change – but a good solid self-worth never does.
See past the bullshit.
You got this.
.The girls on love island 2018



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