If You Are Not Dying, Or Wishing To Die…

Then I Pray That You Are Living Your Life To The Full, my Friend.
The way I see it, there are 3 groups of people on this planet…
…Those who want to stay alive – who really want to live, but who are fighting a losing battle against a disease or a situation they cannot control.
…Those who are physically in decent health but who desperately want to die, to escape the pain in their minds and their hearts.
…And the rest of us.
We lost someone today. Someone wonderful, someone kind, someone loving and warm.
He didn’t want to go.
He fought so hard.
He wasn’t ready and he was too young, much too young.
He had everything to live for.
But it was not his choice.
So, I guess what I am trying to say, on this average Monday, is that…if you are lucky enough to be in the latter group; to have decent physical and mental health for the most part. Then I beg you, be grateful.
See each day for the gift that it is and please, don’t let the mundane things cloud your vision.
Look at everything around you and never strop marvelling at life and its intricacies. At the power of love.
Life is beautiful. It is precious.
Worry is a waste of time and imagination, fear is an illusion and material things mean nothing.
Money can’t buy you a cure to cancer or a peaceful mind. This we truly know.
You have all you need to live your life and live it well.
Do it.
For God’s sake do it now.


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