If You Don’t Like Having Your Photograph Taken…



Here’s the thing –

It doesn’t matter.

They are not for you. Not right now anyway.

THEY ARE FOR YOU in 20 years, 30 years – and trust me you will treasure and marvel at each and every single one.

Even the ones you hate today.

In years to come, every picture will amaze you and you will be so very grateful for the forgotten, precious memories they bring back.


THEY ARE ALSO FOR YOUR DAUGHTER, who may be struggling slightly with her own body image or self-esteem one day and who may be comforted and inspired by looking at the same body shapes on you.

And she will see it then as being so much more beautiful on you, because that’s the way of the female eye, everything looks better on someone else – especially someone you love.

So let her see. 


THEY ARE FOR YOUR FAMILY and their family and generations to come and they will tell the story of your life. So don’t edit them too much. Keep them real.

They are your book.

They are so much more important than whether or not your hair is right or you feel good that day.

so, my friends, get the picture taken.

Every time.


You will be so glad you did.

If you don’t like yourself in photographs....take the picture



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