To my Friends, If Anything Ever Happens To Me



If Anything Ever Happens To Me….
Don’t visit me at my grave.

I’m not there.

Visit my loves; I know for sure that is where I will be.
Wherever they are.

Do not cover my headstone in flowers and tears.

Instead, go to them and make them smile, for they may just have forgotten how to.

They may need reminding life is full of love, full of good, full of joy.

Please do that for me.

When I cannot.

Please hold them close.
Please make them smile.
Please stay until you hear a laugh.
Then come back soon.

Tell them they are wonderful.
Tell them they are loved.
Tell them they are forever protected.

Help them believe in me.
For I will be there.


If anything ever happens to me, do not visit me at my grave, my wonderful friends.

I’m not there.

I am with my loves.

I hope you will be there too.

To my Friends, If Anything Ever Happens To Me



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