To All The Missing Dads on Father’s Day


To All The Missing Dads on Father’s Day

To those who didn’t show up at all, who left a hole that can never quite be filled.
You are still missed, still loved, despite everything.

Your child will never stop feeling that separation.

To those who showed up and gave everything but were taken away far too soon. The years without you stretch on and on, limping bravely like a horse with a missing limb.

A child without a Dad is a tragic casualty in this life but an adult without a Dad feels equally as lost, if not even more so.

A Dad is the first point of call in any time of trouble, the person to restore calm in times of chaos.

The lighthouse that shines out on the rocks in this life.

To all the Dads, missing and present, you are loved, so very loved.

And missed, so very missed.




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