Let Yourself Off The Hook, My Friend…


Let Yourself Off The Hook, My Friend…

Put down that load, before it breaks your spirit.

If you physically carried all that crap around with you, it would break your back eventually.

Would it not?


So why do you carry it all inside of you?

Put it down.
Leave it there.
Walk away.
Don’t look back.

You were only supposed to experience the pain, learn the lessons, rebuild and get stronger.

You were not supposed to take it with you for evermore.

You can leave it now.

And what will you do with all that space inside of you? Where the weight used to be?

You will fill it with joy, with love, with peace, with excitement.

And it will feel like sunshine instead of lead.

Let yourself off the hook my friend, life doesn’t have to feel this heavy.

Let yourslef off the hook my friend, you were only supposed to climb the mountain not carry itBy Donna Ashworth



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