When I Am Sad, I Don’t Want To Reach Out.


I want to retreat.

I want to hide.

If I could disappear completely, until the feelings pass, I would.


And if you ask me if I am okay I will say fine, every time.

You see, I don’t want your help, because I don’t feel like anyone can help me.

I don’t feel like I deserve the help.

When I am sad, I don’t want to ‘reach out’.

But if you reach in, if you really reach in.

Ask me twice, 3 times, how do you really feel, are you really ok.

Maybe I will answer honestly one day.

And if you show up at my door and sit with me, without judgement.

Maybe I will awake to a brighter day.

Maybe I will look for the help.

When I am sad I don’t want to reach out.
Maybe you will be the one to reach in.

Robin Williams/ suicide prevention Donna Ashworth

#katespade #robinwilliams





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