Talk To Me


Talk to me…
Right here, right now, just for a moment.
Let’s talk.

About how we really feel.


Because talking helps.

Then share this post and get someone in your circle talking too.
Really talking.
About the real stuff.

I will begin…

I had a beautiful weekend, the sun shone, my friends are all wonderful as always – but me, I was in a dark place.

Not pitch black, just a little shaded.

I felt nervous, slightly anxious. Not quite good enough. Unsure of my choices in life, unsure of my actions.

I felt ugly, unloveable, below par. Not successful enough, not strong enough.

Then there was an uneasy feeling of paranoia, were people judging me? Do people even like me?

It could have been hormonal, chemical, a result of too much wine – whatever. It was there, it felt real. It happens every now and again. Sometimes it is overwhelming.

So I breathe and I say positive things in my head but above all, I just HANG ON IN THERE – waiting for it to clear.
Looking for positivity, for inspiration and soaking it up where possible.
Counting my blessings, being as kind as I can to myself and putting one foot in front of the other.

And of course, it did clear.

Today, I feel like me again, like I can handle anything. Yesterday I could barely handle the basics.

That’s life.

These shady days don’t make me less of a woman, less of a mother, less of a force in this life.

They make me human.

It’s important to keep reminding myself of this. You too. It’s acknowledging the shade, that stops it taking over completely. Shining light on the shade.

Now, talk to me.

Then, share this post and get someone else taking too.

It helps.

We are all in this together.




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