There Are Some Things Every Girl Needs To Know…


There Are Some Things Every Girl Needs To Know…

Every girl needs to know that relationships are important but none quite so much as the one you have with yourself, make it strong one. You will never spend that much time with another.

Every girl needs to know that love is not supposed to hurt; loss hurts, betrayal hurts but love, love should be uplifting.


Every girl needs to know that she need not compete for her place in this life – we can all win, we all deserve to win. Be a cheerleader for every woman hustling, yourself too.

Every girl needs to know that she is the main act – not a warm-up, not a dress rehearsal. Walk away from those who do not see that in you.

Every girl needs to know that her body is beautiful, no matter what. Scars, imperfections – they need not be ‘flaws’ if you change the way you see. It’s your thinking that is flawed, not your body.

Every girl needs to know that it’s okay to fail, in fact it is vital. It is okay to break, it is okay to crumble. Always get up again. Never stop getting up again.

Every girl needs to know that ‘having it all’ doesn’t equate to happiness. You can, of course you can, but you don’t have to. It’s your life.

Every girl needs to know that friendships come and friendships go, hold on as long as you can, then let the ones you cannot hold on to go, with peace. They are not your tribe and it is not your fault.

Every girl needs to know that we are here for a short time but that time can be spent quite beautifully, don’t waste it focusing on the wrong things. People matter, experiences matter, everything else is temporary.

Lastly, every girl needs to know not to fear age. Your body will change yes but it has been changing since the day you were born, roll with it, embrace it. Old age is a blessing denied to many and if you are doing it right, it is wonderful.

By Donna Ashworth

There Are some things every girl needs to know

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