Dear Schools Of The World,


With respect,

Your statistics and your score systems are not important to me – my child’s self esteem is.


Very important indeed.

I understand that you have curriculums to follow, inspections to pass and scores to achieve. I understand that you are under a huge amount of pressure to get everyone doing well and consistently achieving.

I understand all of that but my priority is my child.

My child is unique. All children are. They are not robots to be grouped, labelled and categorised for easier handling.

They are little humans full of flaws and full of unlimited possibility. Their responses, reactions and failings cannot be predicted using a text book, based on those who have gone before. The human emotions are so much more complex than that.

I know that you are doing your best, I know that you work tirelessly, but I also know you are weary from your workload.

Your time would so much more better spent listening, watching and talking things over with your pupils who need you – but instead you are forced to fill in paperwork, endless paperwork.

I see that.

But don’t expect me to be onboard, because here’s the thing, I know

That your ability to perform in an exam room situation during childhood, will NOT define your ability to live a wonderful life and hold down an exciting career based on individual passions and ability, that can only even begin to surface, given the right environment to do so.

How can a child find their calling and their ‘thing’ if they are constantly overwhelmed with homework, study and the need to perform above average every single day?

In a perfect world, school would be about learning life skills, great communication, literacy and everyday mathematics, with the rest of the time spent exploring fascinating topics, discussing, debating and letting the imagination run free and wild.

There are future inventors, creators, designers, architects, entertainers, leaders and so much more within your walls.

If you would only let them go for it.

If not you, who?

Your Sincerely,

Parents Of The World.


Dear schools of the world/ open letter to school/ each child is unique



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