To My Husband,

Our life won’t always be this fast…

Our life won’t always feel like some sort of twisted perpetual juggling game, with another ball being thrown in the mix every day, every hour, every minute even.

It won’t always feel like all we ever do is make logistical arrangements, discuss pick-ups, drop-offs, snacks and games kit.

We won’t always be worrying 24/7 about routines, sleep-times, developmental milestones, friendships, behaviour and every other of the myriad aspects that parenting brings.

It won’t always feel like we are ships passing in the night; meeting only to hand over small people with a list of things to be done and a rushed chat about what is required of us for the next few hours.

There won’t always be so many little legs and arms in our bed.

The house won’t always be this loud, this messy, this chaotic.

We won’t always be this exhausted, this emotionally spent, this physically drained.

Date nights may seem rare right now – but one day – it will be just you and I again.

We will wake up in a decade or so and wonder if it was all a dream…
We will have that tidy house we always dreamed of, with everything where it should be and no bodily fluids whatsoever to clean up. Imagine that…
We will have that ‘us’ time we have been chasing for so long.
In fact we will have endless amounts of that.

So maybe, just maybe we should stop thinking about what we don’t have right now, and maybe, just maybe, we should just let go and enjoy this rollercoaster of a ride we are on right now…just give in and live in the chaos.

The crazy, loud, messy chaos of this life we have built.


Because one thing we do have is love…not the movie kind but the real kind. The raw, ugly, messy, fight-to-the-death for you kind of love.

We have that. 

And although we may not realise it, we are making memories.

Memories that will fuel our souls for the rest of our lives – and for the rest of our little people’s lives too – and their little people.

I think, if we could take a beat out to mull it over, we would realise, that these are the golden years. Right now.

This is the time of our lives we will remember most fondly.

So, never forget one thing: I got you.
You got me.
Let’s shoulder the weight together and let’s never stop seeing the funny side.

One day we will look back and laugh so hard.

Till then,


Your Wife.



To my husband our life won’t always be this fast/ letter to a husband

D. Ashworth

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