Maybe we were never meant to be complete.

What if we are all supposed to be broken.

Maybe the idea, the master plan if you like, is that we spend our lives searching for others with broken and jagged edges that just fit well with our own.

Like making a mosaic or building a jigsaw puzzle.

Because if you ask me, no one person can complete another, you know?
It’s team-work.

We need a tribe around us, to bring all the different colours and lights into our world.

We need family, friends, lovers, children – animals too.

We even need the people who challenge us and bring us down.
They have a place in our mosaic because they bring out the fight in us and remind us we are better, we are enough, we are broken but not fragile.

We need it all.

Some days we need the blunt friend who says it like it is and on other days we need the optimist – maybe it’s a family member, maybe that’s your partner. Maybe it’s the guy next door.

Everyone is blown into our path for a reason, or a season, or a lifetime.

They are all part of our mosaic.

You know, maybe we were never meant to feel complete.

Because if we did, we might stop searching for jagged edges and we may just miss out on some wonderful pieces of the puzzle.

The puzzle of you.


The puzzle of you/ we are all broken



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