Everybody’s Looking For Something…


Everybody’s looking for something..


something big
something beautiful.
A dream destination, a dream house, a dream job, a dream life…

If you are focused on the top prizes you may missing the beauty in the small things.

Today, there were many moments that made someone feel happy.

A laugh
A kind word
A kind deed
A sunbeam
A cup of tea at just the right temperature
A taste of something delicious
A moment of utter peace, just one, but still
A hot bath
A compliment
A hug
A kiss
A companion
An accomplishment, tiny, but still
A child’s smile
A smile, full stop.

If you add up these moments they can be worth more than any top prize we deem to be the limit in this life we live.

At the end of the day, a flash car won’t drive us when we are dead. A promotion won’t look after our loved ones when we are gone. A big house will cause divide amongst siblings anyway. All graves look the same give or take.
In fact, it all adds up to not very much when we are not here anymore.

You know what does add up and then treble, quadruple in value over time?

Stories of kindness.
Defining moments.
Tales of daring.
Words of wisdom.
Letters of love.
Photographs of happy times.

Enjoy your weekend, life is for living.

Let go. Let go of it all and let yourself out for some real fun and quality time.

Be present.

It’s all about right now.

Live life to the fullest/ live for the moment/ enjoy life/ life is for living



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