IS SPINNING. Spinning plates, so many plates, every day. Like a juggler – but with more skills.

IS THINKING. ALL day long and even waking up in the night with a niggling feeling that something isn’t right or we have missed something out.

IS LOVE. Loving more than your heart can hold and feeling like it may well burst one day it’s so very full.

IS PAIN. Regular physical pain, like clockwork every month, that only we can understand.

IS HORMONES. Little confusing so and so’s that torture us with their paranoia, mood swings, temperature fluctuations and so much more. They are our nemesis.

IS SHAME. Shame in our own body and its embarrassing propensity to leak. Tears…and you know the rest.


IS PRIDE. Pride in our abilities to know, to just intuitively know and to give. So very much.

IS LAUGHTER. The belly laughs us girls have when we get together is like chicken soup for the soul and it’s something we do so well.

IS SUPPORT. It’s our main go-to feature and it is a sight to behold, we can support so many people all at the same time. Like a cheerleading octopus.

IS CARE. We care, oh my do we care. About everything and everyone, every day.

IS FAILURE. To support ourselves enough sometimes,. To look after ourselves enough sometimes. To appreciate ourselves enough sometimes.

IS DOING. Some days we have no idea HOW we will do it, but every single day it JUST GETS DONE.

IS KNOWING. We just know. And if we don’t know, we still know because women, we just know – right?

IS LEARNING. That we are enough, just the way we are. That we all have parts of our bodies we loathe, that we are all, in fact, completely imperfectly perfect and beautiful. That in the end, none of that shit matters anyway.

Women, ladies, sisters, girls…pass it on

Being a woman/ what it is to be a woman/ womanhood/

Text: Donna Ashworth

Image Prithvi Mishra



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