I am done with our emerging generation being referred to as a bunch of ‘snowflakes’.

They whinge too much.
They’re too easily offended.
They need to just man up and get on with it.
In my day we all got bullied, it made you who you are….

Well you know what I think?

I think the very fact that we were brought up to ‘just get on with it’ is exactly the opposite of what this world needs.

Being bullied doesn’t make you who you are. It fucks you up.
Sorry for the language but it’s true.


These kids are smart. They are emotionally intelligent. They want everyone to have an equal chance and a place alongside each other on this earth and they want call bullshit on the old traditions and beliefs that have no right to still be hanging over us.

Sometimes, bad things happen and as a result something powerful begins. That’s what is happening right now.
No more.
No more will they live with the fear from within their own communities.
It is ridiculous and they see right through it all to a better way.

Most of these kids have never known a world before 9/11. They have grown up with the constant threat of terrorism. They are no strangers to adversity. They are not weak or sheltered.

What they are, is unafraid to be the change.

And you know what, there are 74.5 million of them in the US – all with the right to vote.

So change is gonna come.

We need to start listening.

Snowflakes may be delicate structures – but when there is enough of them together, they can stop traffic, close schools and pretty much shut down society.

Let’s not underestimate them. 


MILLENIALS/ AMERICAN MILLENIALS are here to change the world



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