International Day Of Happiness: 10 Simple Hacks To Happiness


Ten tiny steps to happiness, we can all take today…

Call someone, text someone or post something inspirational which will encourage friends to answer you positively. Reaching out in a moment of gloom is a sure-fire way to feel happier in an instant. We are not in this alone. Ever.


Yourself first. Exactly as you are, flaws and all. There may still be parts of you you’d like to fine-tune, fair enough; it is the essence of you though you need to get to grips with, the you-ness of you. It is who you are and it is enough. Right here, right now.

Happiness, positivity, encouragement. What you project out into this world comes back at you, ten times more strongly too. Be the person you want to meet. It may feel like a facade at first, it will soon stick. It may sound twee but being the rainbow in someone’s cloud is the best thing you can do with your time today.

‘Happy Talk, Keep Talking Happy Talk’, recognise that song? It’s actually bang on the money, think happy thoughts, say nice things, listen and watch only things that make you feel good. It makes perfect sense right? Bathe yourself in positivity and wear it like a shimmering armour made of sunshine.

5. EAT
Well and enough. Deny yourself nothing in this very short life, or you will make it feel like a long and torturous one. Food is a thrice daily habit and therefore a very important part of our mental health. Prepare your food lovingly and enjoy it. Treat yourself but be balanced. Never eat with guilt or self loathing, you literally swallow those feelings with every bite and where does that negativity go? Your thoughts create your reality, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Feel worthy of the enjoyment too.

Make love your aim in this game. Start with yourself, corny but oh so very true. The day you can chuckle at your self in the mirror and feel fondness for your funny nose and your wobbly smile is the day your life will really start to feel good. Look at yourself with the eyes you use for others instead of the self-critical glare you’ve perfected. Then go out and shower everyone else with that love too.

Listen, we are all going through something, right this minute and no one really knows the extent of our battles and our pain so try to remember that the next time someone pisses you off. Show compassion, patience and kindness and you’ll be amazed how your own mood turns around too.

Not to feel annoyed, not to feel angry, not to feel worthless, not to be afraid. Most of our emotions come with a menu, scan then menu first and decide what your reaction will be to everything that crosses your path. When you realise you are in control you will choose peace every time.

That what others think of you is none of your business, not only that, but they will run everything you say and do through the filter of whatever they are going through that day., You cannot access that, nor can you influence it. So, let it go. If your heart is in the right place it will all be fine in the end.

10. YIELD.
Go with the flow on this rocky road of life. Allow yourself to be blown by the winds of change. Like a tree, your roots are strong enough to take some bend and bluster. Don’t cling too tightly to your old beliefs and ideals, be open to change your mind, as you journey through the years and everything becomes more clear. Don’t worry about tomorrow or fret about the past, just let yourself be blown to where you need to be and be ready for adventure with a wide open heart. Your wisdom will see you right, it’s there, trust in it.

Ladies, Pass This On

International day of happiness/ 10 happiness hacks/ how to be happy/ be happy with your life/ don’t worry be happyD.Ashworth

LPIO 2018

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