If you want to rise above the scraggle and the scrum of this crazy life, to the dizzy heights of happiness and success, you must learn to choose your battles…


Leave the small fights for small fighters….

Stop fighting for attention

Stop fighting for people who don’t see you.

Stop fighting for partners who lie and cheat.

Stop fighting against the gossip and the trouble makers.

Stop fighting public expectation of how you should live.

Stop fighting inlaws, work colleagues and friends who aren’t true.

Stop fighting to change the opinions of stupid people with small minds.


Save your strength and your energy for the big fights… the real stuff

Start fighting for your dreams.

Start fighting for your way of life.

Start fighting for your fairytale, your way.


Start fighting for your loved ones and friends who matter most

Start fighting for your ideas, your vision.

Start fighting for your small corner of the world, make it as stunning and wonderful as you dare to dream it.



Leave the small fights for small fighters. You, my friend, have bigger fish to fry.

Some fights are not worth your time.

Choose what you fight for wisely.

I once asked a very successful woman to share her secret with me. She smiled and said to me.. "I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights for small fighters. I stopped fighting those who gossiped about me... I stopped fighting with my in laws... I stopped fighting for attention... I stopped fighting to meet public expectation of me... I stopped fighting for my rights with stupid people.. I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight... And I started fighting for my vision, my dreams, my ideas and my destiny. The day I gave up on small fights is the day I started becoming successful." Some fights are not worth your time. Choose what you fight for wisely.




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