Mama, I know you’re tired. God only knows, I know it too well.

The drain on your brain, on your emotions, each and every day.

The pressure of being needed – SO needed – for their very survival, is truly exhausting.
Not like the fatigue which follows a hard day’s work…
Much more than that.
This is an exhaustion on every level – like being squeezed through a ringer until you are as dry as a bone – not a drop left within you to give. And yet you do have to give one more drop. And you find it, somehow.

Then there are the worries that come with this age we live in…

Are they happy? Well-rounded? Educated enough? Emotionally intelligent? Eating every vitamin we are told is now good? Not eating all the things we are told are now bad? Are they sociable? Are they kind? Are they confident? Am I ruining the future of this tiny little human by not being enough/ by being too much? What about their sibling? He is a totally different personality, should I be doing things differently for him?

It’s endless.

And that’s without all the practical lists too…they go on forever.

And yet, here I am, telling you to listen to the small things.


‘On top of all that – shes telling me to do something else?’

Yes, I am.

Because I fear, that with all the big things we are constantly worrying about, perhaps our minds are too far away and full, and we are missing the details, the tiny little minutiae. The signs our little people give us, the moments, the memories, the real stuff.

Worse than that, I worry that if we DON’T listen to the tiny, random musings our small humans make, that, when it comes time for the big stuff to go down, they will have stopped telling us anything at all.

So, maybe drop some of the bigger worries, heck drop them all!
After all, worrying is using your imagination to create something you DON’T want, right?

Maybe let’s all drop it together?

Maybe let’s agree, here and now, that if we just listen – to the babble – and the silliness – and the ten million questions an hour, pay attention and just BE THERE, in the moment…everything will work out fine.

As it’s meant to.

‘If you don’t listen, in earnest, to the little stuff when they are little, they may not tell you the big stuff when they are big.
After all, to them, it has always been big stuff.”




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