No one.

You can make someone smile.
You can make someone laugh.
You can give someone the boost they need, the kindness they were waiting for, the confidence to rise.

In fact, there is really no end to how positively you can affect someone’s esteem. But like the sun diving behind a cloud on a mild spring day, the cold is felt immeasurably, as soon as it has gone.

No…happiness is something we all must make ourselves.

You see happiness is pretty unique:

You cannot buy it.

You cannot give it.

You cannot loan it or even teach others how to make it.


Because each person’s happiness formula looks a little different… it’s made up of varying ingredients of different measures, depending on the personality in question and their journey in this life so far.

Your formula for happiness may not work for someone else.

You can only make your own.

Once we make the realisation that we are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, we can come together as a couple, or within a friendship, knowing that we are on separate journeys…

But choosing to walk them side by side.

Knowing that the other person must find their own formula for the happiness they need.

Knowing that we cannot do this for them but we can certainly light the path along the way.

Once you make the realisation that you do not need anyone to make you happy...well my friend, the sky is the limit.

You will put your head down and start to work out what it is that you need to make your very own formula for happiness.
Piece by piece, bit by bit, you will work out what you need to gain and what you need to let go of.

Like balancing a scale.

Happiness is a home-made recipe.

Own your own and allow others to find theirs.

You cannot make anyone happy/ happiness is a home-made gift

Happy Monday ladies, wherever you may be.

Pass It On.

Donna Ashworth

LPIO 2018



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