A whole new week lies before you like a fresh clean page in a journal.

There will be some parts of this week’s story that you cannot control: the weather, the traffic, your boss’s bad mood…

but there are huge chunks of this story that are yours for the creating.

What will you fill this chapter with?

You could fill it with the same old routine, the same old thoughts and the same old ‘get me through this week till Friday’ attitude.


Or, you can try something different.

Try seeing every single day with new eyes. Remind yourself each day that yes life can be monotonous and hard, but what if this time I had was limited, what if this was my last few days, what would I say or do then?

It may sound morbid to some but in practice it is the opposite, it creates the ability to grab joy and fun wherever you can.

It helps bring you courage to say things that need to be said and start journeys that yearn to be had.

Somebody, somewhere woke up last week and got on with their everyday life, not knowing it would be their last week to do so.

I hope they remembered to seize the moments but I fear they did not.

Reach for your goals this week and by all means stick to your healthy eating plans of which January is awash, but remember, life is short. We are not robots, we are wonderfully fabulously flawed human beings.

Love is the ultimate goal in this life if you ask me, everything else is a bonus.

Be happy, be kind, be brave – and remember – if it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.

Have a great week.

A whole new week lies before you, Sunday motivationDonna Ashworth

LPIO 2018



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