1. Life is hard, even when it’s easy it’s hard. If it looks like everyone else is handling things better, remember that’s just how it ‘looks’, the reality is we all have our own struggles – every day. We are all spinning plates and dropping plenty. Don’t be afraid of a smash or two.

2. No matter how defeated you feel, do not give up. Give yourself the right to rest or to rethink, but always believe you will come back fighting tomorrow. Never stop believing you will come back tomorrow.

3. Someone else has achieved the things you dream of – most likely lots of people have – so why can’t you. We are all equal, never forget that – we can all rise to any challenge we decide to.


4. On your darkest days remember this: you have been through worse before, you are a champion already – look at what you have faced and look how you bounced back. Keep fighting.

5. Somebody somewhere relies on you, you may not even realise it but they do. You are someone’s inspiration, someone’s joy and someone’s ray of sunshine. You mean a lot to many. Stay strong.

6. People are flawed – and we are all broken – that’s how the light gets in. When you realise that your shattered pieces make a beautiful mosaic, a fascinatingly flawed picture of you, you will no longer fear failure.

7. Find your inspiration in everyday life – look around you. There are people on every side of you right now fighting silent battles. They are all struggling, they are all failing, they are all bouncing back – again and again. We are in this together.

8. Life is wonderful, then it’s shit, then it’s wonderful again…that’s how this cookie crumbles. Accept that the only thing you can control in this life is your own peace of mind, and you will find a safe carriage to ride this rollercoaster. Let your arms go up in the air and enjoy it.

9. There are many ways we can go wrong on this journey, but crime and deceit aside, the worst thing you can do is to try and make yourself something you are not. The fastest route to happiness is to accept and even celebrate your ‘youness’. No one else has exactly what you have inside. You are unique. Embrace it.

10. Let people in. Yes you have been hurt before but you owe it to yourself to forgive and move on. Forgetting is not necessary but moving on is essential. Trust each new person who walks into your world bringing sunshine and joy, they will not all be false, some of them will be the real deal and you will be so very glad you welcomed them with open arms.

We are all broken that’s how the light gets in - inspiring quotes - motivation - 10 reasons why you can



You got this ladies, you got this…

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D. Ashworth




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