I just left the supermarket…

Not my best opening line I know…on saying this, my little mundane trip to the supermarket has just reminded me why I set this page up over a year ago now.

Women are freaking awesome.

Why? SO MANY REASONS but namely, or at least in this circumstance, it’s in the way we can make each other feel.

The way we communicate.

As I put my shopping on the belt (I hate this part of food shopping the most), a polite chat was opened up by the lovely lady on the checkout. It started with the tuna bake seasoning I had chosen…

Within around 6-7 minutes we had had the BEST conversation about life, womanhood, menopause, parenting, what IT’S all about and so much more besides. We ended with a very moving couple of minutes telling each other how this year is the time for ‘us’, how we are DONE with comparison, punishment and self-hatred and how we are ready to just be.


To just live.

Not only had we managed to go seriously deep within a few moments in time but we both exchanged something that really impacted on the other.

It was evident from each of our faces that it meant a lot.

Now, if this isn’t a superpower then I do not know what is – for the rest of my day will be immeasurably changed simply as a result of this tiny little portion of it.

Women, never forget how much you have to bring to someone else – EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The smallest piece of advice, the tiniest little ‘share’ can make the hugest of impact.

We have all lived, we have all learned, we have all achieved – goodness knows we have all failed – every little bit of that is solid gold if the right ears are listening.

Men may scoff and suggest we talk too much but you know what? It could never be enough because wow, we have some incredible chat to share.

Go forth and continue to be awesome.

I see you.


When women support women amazing things happen



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