Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, but for many of us, it can also be the most stressful…

There is just so much to do – and all on top of our normal daily task lists. Most of us feel like we need an extra day in the week as it is, when Christmas comes that intensifies a LOT.
The extra workload of gift-buying, socialising and entertaining can all become a bit too much and it’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed.

It’s the most stressful time of the year/ christmas stress/ make christmas less stressful

So, here is the Ladies Pass It On guide to cutting some of that stress out:


Sounds simple, but get yourself a fresh notebook and leave a double page or more for each thing: GIFT LISTS/ FOOD SHOPS/ PEOPLE TO SEE/ CARDS TO SEND. It can even a job in itself working out what outfits you need to wear to various Christmas events and if you are buying for a family’s social calendar, that gets even more complicated.
Ticking off things on a list is not just good practical advice it is also a calming exercise for the mind and can help you feel in control.


Try to fit in 10-15 minutes every day where you grab a coffee, sit on the sofa and run through scenarios in your mind. If you are an anxious person or prone to stress at busy times, this exercise has many benefits:

It allows you time to visualise the busy days/weeks ahead and to put into order what will be required of you.
The very act of sitting down and dedicating ten minutes just to ‘think’ will bring some peace and calm into your mind and you will look forward to that time each day – be strict with it.
Your best ideas come when you allocate an actual window to just think things through and you will be amazed at the solutions you come up with during that time.

This may sound really strange but if you can get your head around this you will be so glad you did. The basic premise is that nobody and nothing is perfect. We are not in a Hallmark movie and Christmas is not about how amazing your gifts are and how perfect your decorations look; it is about gathering together to celebrate being alive and the blessings we all have. It is about looking people in the eye and embracing another year gone by, together. We should all care less about the food we are serving and more about the quality time we spend. That’s when the real spirit of Christmas shines through. Do not kill your self trying to impress everyone with your ‘holiday show’. It is not important if your door is open and your heart is welcoming.

This is an important one. Remember the words Silent Night, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. If you stop, step off the crazy Christmas treadmill and look around, you will be able to plug yourself into a feeling of stillness and peace that comes at this time of year. Listen hard it is there. It can be found in the fact that ‘normal’ life starts to tail off towards the big day – as everyone focuses on one thing only – celebrating. Make sure you allow for at least one evening in the season where you and your loved ones can totally and utterly chill out and feel the silence and the calm. Watch the fire, watch a movie together, do nothing but cosy up and let the festive feelings in to your heart. You will be raring to go after that.

Above all remember that Christmas is a lovely time but is not worth getting into debt for, or running yourself into the ground so hard, that January will be spent recovering.
The festive season gets longer every year and even more traditions are introduced all the time, which can tip us women over the edge, since it is us who are expected to run it all.

Don’t feel you have to say yes to everything.
You don’t.

Choose what is right for you and your loved ones and don’t be sucked in to other people’s choices or expectations.

Ladies, Please Pass It On… ❤️

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