Beautiful People Are Not Always Good But Good People Are Always Beautiful


It’s really very simple:

You can have all the physical attributes, in all the right places…

Your measurements can be exactly as societal standards claim they should be, to fit in with current body trends…

You can change your hair, your lips, your nose, your body…

You can work out every day and be toned, svelte and lithe…

But, if you are not thinking good, kind and loving thoughts about yourself and others, none of this will make you as beautiful as those who simply do.

Some people are born physically ‘flawless’ but are perhaps not blessed with the upbringing to create a self-esteem to match. They may spend their lives qualifying themselves entirely on the looks they were born with instead of realising that the only person they need to impress is themselves. They will ultimately fail to feel good about themselves because, at the end of the day – no one can truly love you if you do not love yourself first – and loving yourself comes not from realising you are beautiful but by accepting yourself whether you are or not.

Some people are born less attractive and possibly as a result of this they build up a personality based not on their physical selves, but on so much more; their humour, their character, their imagination and their ability to be a friend and a loving person…a treasure trove of loveliness and a never-ending depth of attributes to discover. Their lack of need to be approved upon their physical qualities, is more attractive than you could imagine.

Your beauty shines from within you, corny and cliche but oh so very true. A gorgeous facade soon reveals what is underneath but a plain exterior can hide a wealth of virtues which are totally irresistible.


So, if you are on a journey ‘to look better’ and ‘be more beautiful’, consider that it is not what your face looks like but what your face portrays that counts for the most.

Consider spending less time perfecting your physique and more time tuning in to who you are as a person, what makes you ‘you’ and how you can learn to totally and utterly embrace what you have.

It will not be time wasted.

Looks fade but true beauty never, ever does.

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face and you will always look lovely






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