You Won’t Find Me In There…


Don’t define me by my size
You won’t find me in there
See no measure in my thighs
Or the colour of my hair
Don’t judge me on possessions
Or holidays I take
Don’t take note of my jewellery
Or the money I may make

I’m a mixture of emotions
All rolled into a form
Full of life and love and laughter
And memories so warm
I’m all the lands I’ve wandered
And the stories that I’ve read
I’m all the thoughts that visit
When I’m tucked up safe in bed

I’m a complex mix of lessons
Which I’ve learned along the way
I’m an echo of my musings
And the things I didn’t say
I’m often fiercely happy
And sometimes deeply sad
I’m kind and deep and loving
There’s more good in me than bad

So look at me and wonder
Of all that’s deep inside
Don’t just assume you know me
And the stories my smile hides
If you take the time to delve
You will find out more each day
But for now no need to judge mE 
Till you’ve walked with me some way

Poem about me/ i am not

Donna Ashworth


©LPIO 2017 All Rights Reserved



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