We Can All Bring Some Sparkle To A Stranger This Christmas, Please Pass It On


We are about to embark on The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year and, as always, I urge you all to start thinking about the many ways we can keep the festive spirit alive.

Really alive.

For me it is about giving, not just to those who will open their gifts and thank us, but also to those we cannot even see.

Giving without any agenda, is by far the best way to experience that feeling of joy the season brings and to keep the core values alive, amidst all the commercialism.


There are a huge amount of ways you can do this but I like to start very simply with the food banks.


My local supermarket has a collection bin for food and each time I go, I pop in some goodies…

Yes they need ‘real food’ for those who cannot stretch to feed their families at times. But you know what, they also need the treats too.

Everyone, every one, deserves a treat or two at Christmas, especially the children.

For example, if we all popped a chocolate advent calendar into the food banks in the next few weeks, imagine the joy that could bring to an excited little face – the feeling of being included in the run-up, just like all their friends, that they may not have had otherwise.

Likewise, a Christmas Pudding, a festive box of chocolates, some decorations for the tree. All these things we take for granted may go amiss in the face of austerity. We can put them there and bring just a little bit of sparkle to a grey and tense time.

I like to add a different Christmas Day ingredient each time I go. Last week I popped in a tray of Christmas Puddings, this week it will be jars of cranberry sauce and so on…


This blog is read worldwide so it’s difficult for me to provide direct information but most cities have their own toy collection appeals with drop-off points in supermarkets and toy shops etc. Every year I help in the warehouse of our local one and I am always sad that the older children are less catered for.

There are always lots of gifts for the toddlers and young children, which is wonderful, but the above 10 age group, seem to go without. I would love to see more gifts aimed at them. I always, always go for the latest must-read books. All children should have the gift of a few new book at Christmas. If nothing else.


It may not seem like much when we look at the suffering there is in this world but every, single, little act of kindness helps and this is something that we really all can do.

It couldn’t be easier.

Encourage everyone you know to do the same and you know what – you have made a difference.

It all counts.

We cannot help everyone – but we can all help someone.”

Ladies, Please Pass It On.


We Can All Bring Some Sparkle To A Stranger This Christmas, Please Pass It On







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